Restoration Coming to Malibu State Parks

In Governor Jerry Brown's 2016 state budget, $20 million is allocated for "deferred maintenance" to California State Parks and Recreation Department. These funds are essentially spent on restorations and projects that the department had been hoping to fund for a while, but had been put on the back burner. Well, now they're finally on the front burner.

As the Malibu Times points out, a good portion of state money is going towards maintenance in Malibu:

$7.58 million for maintenance of the Malibu Pier, Historic Malibu Adamson House and beach access stairway at Point Dume.

The restoration on Malibu Pier will be the most expensive, costing roughly $4.6 million. This will alleviate some of the safety concerns associated with the 80-year-old pier. It's still unclear what will be done to the historic Adamson House that has been on the site since 1928. Point Dume State Park, meanwhile, will get a restored beach access stairway.

The projects start in August or September, barring any unforeseen budget disasters striking the state, but you know how that goes.


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