Snow Summit Bike Park Opens May 15th

The plan was perfect: Due to the unseasonably warm weather, the Snow Summit Bike Park up in Big Bear -- one of the only lift-served mountain bike parks in Southern California -- was all set to open last weekend. But then Mother Nature had to stick her nose in and drop a bunch of snow into the area, postponing the early season. But fear not, young or at least athletically-inclined folks with mountain bikes just rusting away in your garage: The opening day has only been pushed back a week!

For now, the plan is for the park to open for the season this Friday, May 15th. (Stay tuned to the website for more up-to-the-minute information.) The park will stay open for weekends only until June 19th, when the park will be open daily.

Snow Summit offers up more than 60 miles of U.S. Forest Service trails for bikers to use, including the yet-to-be-opened Going Green Trail, which will ultimately allow users of all levels to descend 1,200 vertical feet. (Construction of the trail is scheduled to begin before Memorial Day.) Season passes will run you $299 for adults, $159 for children 5-12. And for the first time, biking enthusiasts will be able to tack on a season pass to Mammoth Mountain Bike Park for an extra $100 for adults and an additional $40 for children.

For more information, head on over to official website.

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