U.S. National Forests Free This Saturday

This Saturday, June 13th, is National Get Outdoors Day. The goals of the day-long celebration are to "encourage healthy, active outdoor fun" and to reach first-time visitors to public lands. One huge step towards accomplishing these goals? Taking away the barriers to entry. One such barrier? The cost.

With that in mind, the U.S. Forest Department is holding a "Fee Free" day for all visitors this Saturday.

For Los Angeles residents, this means that nearby Los Padres National Forest -- with its 1,200 miles of trails and gorgeous shoreline expanse -- will be free to enter. If you're looking for things to do this weekend, there are certainly worse ideas. Meanwhile, if you're elsewhere in the state, or traveling across the country, make sure to search the U.S. Forest website to locate the closest one in your (pun alert) neck of the woods.

Let it also be known that anyone who inadvertently purchased a Daily Adventure Pass for June 13th can have it replaced, free of charge. Also note that visitors can enter the various National Forest lands without an Adventure Pass, but fees for campgrounds or reservations may still be in place.

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