Video: Visiting Devils Postpile National Monument

Devils Postpile National Monument celebrated its 100th year this past July. Located down the road from Mammoth Mountain (summer months only, otherwise the artery is covered in snow), the small National Park Service unit and surrounding area is a spectacular gem tucked away in the Sierra Mountains.


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I decided to head up and see how a mini-documentary shot on my point-and-shoot pocket camera would turn out. Beside some wind issues, the two-minute video turned out better than I thought (if the HD button on the player is off, you can up the quality depending on your internet speed).


Considering Devils Postpile's location, there is only a small window to visit before the snow falls (June through mid-October is a typical season). Unlike nearby Yosemite National Park, it's inaccessible during the winter season, but during the summer season, the monument's meadows, waterfalls and namesake attraction are worth a day wandering around.

Read the history of the monument in Char Miller's Place-Making: How Nature and Humanity Conspired to Create Devils Postpile National Monument.

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