Walk With Sasquatch: The Bigfoot Trail

Whether or not you believe in the existence of Bigfoot -- and if you do, please offer me any kind of proof, as I desperately want to believe! -- you have to admit that the hairy fella must know some good hiking routes. And now, a new hiking trail is set to open in the big guy's honor.

The Bigfoot Trail is a winding route through Oregon and Northern California that has 32 different conifer species on the path. It starts at the Ides Cove trailhead in the exotically-named Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness, stretches north through another five different designated wilderness areas, heads through the patch of forest that Bigfoot (allegedly) hangs out in, before ending in Redwood National Park near Crescent City on the California coast. It's a 360 mile route, meaning it's for the serious hikers out there.

The route is the brainchild of hiking enthusiast Michael Kauffmann, who is in the midst of a Kickstarter project to fund its creation. (The project's already met its funding goal, but extra donations will be used for additional construction and preservation of the trail.) Construction of the route will begin in earnest this spring, but if you just can't wait until that long, go ahead and download the route, all of which utilizes public lands as "legal rights-of-way," and start the long trek early. And if you do come across Sasquatch, make sure to get a worthwhile video.

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