Wildfire in Death Valley Contained, Scotty's Castle Closure Remains

A palm tree grove destroyed by the Scotty's Fire. | Photo: National Park Service

A wildfire that broke out Tuesday near the popular tourist destination of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park has been contained, and the damage is less extensive than had been feared, but the castle and its immediate evirons will stay closed until everything's back to normal. That's according to a Thursday update from the National Park Service.

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The Scotty's Fire, as it's being called, actually scorched only about 15 acres of Grapevine Canyon near the 90-year-old Mission Revival building, mostly in a riparian area forested with introduced palm trees as well as the canyon's eponymous grape vines.

CAPTION | Photo: National Park Service

Firefighting crews from the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service joined in the effort to contain the fire this week, and some will remain on hand to put out hotspots and monitor the site for the next week or so. Scotty's Castle Road is closed from the turnoff to Ubehebe Crater -- which remains open -- to a point three miles east of the castle. The Castle itself will stay closed until water and power can be restored.

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