Yosemite Closes Tioga and Glacier Point Roads for the Season

A view from Tioga Road
A view from Tioga Road | Photo: WestSideLaura/Flickr/Creative Commons License

They've actually been closed due to snow since the last week of November, but officials at Yosemite National Park announced today that it's unlikely the cold weather will let up, meaning the two scenic roads are off limits to vehicles until warmer weather softens the snowpack.

Tioga Road, or Highway 120, is the most critical of the two. The longitudinal artery is the only entrance into the park from the east side and one of a few that cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

And it's not the only road that closes during the winter. The nearby Sonora and Monitor passes -- highways 108 and 89, respectively -- are also closed. That means a several hour drive north (to Nevada) or south (to the Mojave Desert) on Interstate 395 to circumnavigate the closures.

Of course, not all is lost if you're the adventurous type: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing is allowed on Tioga Road. It's also allowed on Glacier Point Road, the other park thoroughfare closed for the season. That road leads to one of the best accessible views in the park and is groomed for cross country skiing when the historic Badger Pass ski area is open, which, unfortunately, just delayed its opening slated for Friday.

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