Yosemite's Glacier Point Road Open Early This Year

In a lot of ways, March feels like the longest month. The cold of winter has mellowed out and is in the rear view, but spring hasn't completely taken over the landscape yet. It's 31 days of aching anticipation, and we try our best to pass the time. If you're a baseball fan, this means checking in with your favorite team's spring training news, crossing your fingers that none of your favorite players get hurt. If you're a fan of the outdoors, this means checking in with the Yosemite National Park website, crossing your fingers that the park roads will open up earlier than usual this year.

See, some roads at Yosemite (including Glacier Point Road and Tioga Road) are shut down for the winter, closing off some access to the park. The roads usually close in mid-November, only opening back up when the snow melts enough for the plows to get through, generally sometime in May. Well, Yosemite fans, I've got some news for you: Glacier Point Road is currently open.

The park allowed cars back on the road on Saturday, March 29th, making it the earliest road opening since 1995. Visitors are still urged to practice caution while driving as wildlife may be present. Meanwhile Tioga Road, which runs east and west through most of the park, remains closed for now, with no official estimates for when it will re-open. Stay tuned to the website for more details. You can also call (209) 372-0200 for up-to-date road and weather information.

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