A Psychologist, an Artist and a Scholar Discuss What It Means to Be Truly Present

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In the first conversation of UCLA’s “10 Questions: Reckoning” series, Tiffany Brannon, director of the UCLA Culture and Contact Lab; Ann Carlson, interdisciplinary artist and Mishuana Goeman, UCLA special advisor to the Chancellor on Native American and Indigenous affairs, explore the question, "What is Presence?" 

10 Questions: Reckoning: What is Presence?

Title: 10 Questions: Reckoning: What is Presence?
Featuring: Tiffany Brannon, Ann Carlson and Mishuana Goeman
Presented By: UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
Originally Presented: Oct. 5, 2020.

About This Series
Both an upper division undergraduate course and a series of public conversations open to the broader community, the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture's "10 Questions” series invites the public to join UCLA students in the virtual classroom to engage in vibrant conversation alongside leading faculty and distinguished alumni from across the university.

With COVID-19, the climate crisis, social and political turmoil unlike anything we have seen in a generation, and of course, a presidential election on our minds, this third installment of the annual 10 Questions series will be asking the most urgent set of questions yet.

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