Artist Marnie Weber Deploys a Multitude of Media To Create Dreamlike Realms

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GALLERYPLATFORM.LA's Artist Visit video series takes audiences into the studios of Los Angeles' up and coming artists.

Title: Artist Visit - Marnie Weber
Produced by: Reza Monahan Studio
Edited by: Cal Crawford
Originally Published: May 21, 2020
Video courtesy of Marnie Weber, Gavlak Gallery Los Angeles and Gallery Association Los Angeles (GALA)

Known for her fantastical creations, artist Marnie Weber takes us through her multifaceted practice from her beginnings in music to her current work on sea witches. Her narrative-derived process, deeply embedded in the subconscious, is highlighted here in her studio visit.

GALLERYPLATFORM.LA is a project of Gallery Association Los Angeles (GALA) formed to serve the dynamic Los Angeles art community with weekly rotating gallery viewing rooms and original editorial content.

About the Series
As part of an ongoing series, GALLERYPLATFORM.LA is working with artists to show how the pandemic is effecting their work.


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