Backyard Performance: Fabio Santana

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Fabio Santana, known as Kizambo, performs a song with his accordian from the comfort of his backyard in Los Angeles.


One more that I’ve been working on. @forrocacana @forroinla @xodo_la

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Title: Menina mulher da pele preta
Performed by: Fabio Santana @kizambo
Originally Presented: April 11, 2020

About the Artist
Fabio Santana is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer and DJ born in Brazil. Now living in Los Angeles, CA since 2013, he's had the opportunity to perform, record, or/and be a copyist for big artists in the music scene. Fabio is also a Forró dance instructor and one of the founders of Forró in LA, a group that helps spread the Brazilian culture by promoting dance classes, events, and local/international artists. (more)

Witness the creativity of L.A.’s music scene during COVID-19, from drive-in performances and punk rocker exercise videos to musical tributes to the city’s iconic street vendors and food trucks. See how rhythms made from scavenged household items created during quarantine have kept communities inspired and moving to the beat in this episode made in collaboration with dublab. Hosted by Definitive Sound (Def Sound).

Southland Sessions: Musical Expansions in Quarantine


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