Dancing in the Street: Local Dance Company Brings Life to Deserted Spaces

Southland Sessions Presents: From high school operas and drive-thru art exhibitions to Chicano comedies and underground DJ sets—we are showcasing the vibrancy of arts and culture across our city today.


Versa-Style Dance Company presents "Playgound," an online dance project that encourages us all to seek self-expression and joy in our personal spaces.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty, Versa-Style Dance Company highlights the importance of finding moments for joy, creativity and finding the light within. This piece was made in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and inspired by the sounds of fellow dance community member Coflo.

Performance Title: "Playground"
Presented By: Versa-Style Dance Company and Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Originally Presented: June 25, 2020
Artistic Directors: Jackie Lopez and Leigh Foaad
Company Members: Cynthia Hernandez, Brianna Grey, Ernesto Galarza, Brandon Juezan, Anthony Berry, Gbari Gilliam, Harry Weston, Jessi Pontillas and Ceanny Agustin
Editing: Brianna Grey | Passion Media

More about Versa-Style Dance Company
Versa-Style Dance Company is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization and dance ensemble that consists of committed and conscientious artists representing the diversity and beautiful complexity of Los Angeles.


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