Dancing Together from Afar with the L.A. Dance Project

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The L.A. Dance Project company dances alone, yet together, from each dancer’s home.

Title: 12 Variations
Artistic Director: Benjmain Millepied 
Music: Arvo Part, Variations for the Healing of Arinushka, Piano Alexi Lubimov
Rachelle Rafailedes
Gianna Reisen
Shu Kinouchi
Nayomi Van Brunt
Mario Gonzalez
Anthony Lee Bryant
Doug Baum 
Janie Taylor 
David Adrian Freeland, Jr.
Vinicius Silva
Lorrin Brubaker
Daisy Jacobson
Originally Presented: April 5, 2020

About the Work
This performance is dedicated to the healthcare workers of the world and was put together during the Safer at Home order imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To accomplish this, each of the performers danced from their homes. Artistic Director Benjmain Millepied combined the variations together in the end. 


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