From Brazil to the World: Celebrate Samba with Viver Brasil

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"Celebrating Samba - Reimagined" takes audiences on a cultural journey to Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia, with electrifying Afro Brazilian dance and music to experience a jolt of joyful color, thrilling rhythms and communal celebration.

Viver Brasil has reimagined its signature family program "Celebrating Samba" as a virtual journey that can be accessed from anywhere. This performance is a narrated, 30-minute show that includes the royal orixá dances, riveting capoeira, joyful samba and the Bahian Carnava live music.

Performance Title: "Celebrating Samba - Reimagined"
Presented By: Viver Brasil
Originally Performed: June 15, 2020
Narration: Natália Spadini
Cast: Natália Spadini, narrator and voice; Vera Passos, choreographer and dancer; Jahanna Blunt, dancer; Jose Ricardo Santos, recorded music, arranging and rythm ; Ajah Muhammad, dancer; Clarice Cast, percussion and voice; Avila Santo, percussion and voice; Indira Leneman, dancer; Luiz Badaró, musician; Phillipos Haile (Maestre Muito Tempo) from Capoeira Batuque Pasadena, capoeira; Katiana Pallais, choreographer; Jahanna Blunt, dancer and Vânia Amaral, voice.

About Viver Brasil
Viver Brasil captivates audiences with its irrepressible blend of bold Afro-Brazilian dance theater and exuberant physicality, power, and passion drawn from orixa movement and rhythms, samba, forró, dança afro and bloco afro styles.


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