Heidi Duckler Dance Presents 'Illuminating the Chandelier' as a Reflection on Isolation

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"Illuminating the Chandelier" was a Zoom-specific live performance made during quarantine about a woman living in isolation. It brought together dancers, musicians, composers and designers to work together from a distance.

Performance Title: "Illuminating the Chandelier"
Presented By: Heidi Duckler Dance
Originally Performed: April 30, 2020
Creative Team: Direction and choreography, Heidi Duckler; music composed by Sarah Belle Reid and Isaac Takeuchi; visual design by Carlo Maghirang and Kam Ying Lee; production manager, Mariana Perez-Seda; assistant director Himerria Wortham; costume design, Snezana Petrovic; voiceover, Paula Rebelo and graphic design, Visual Issues.
Cast: Magdalena Edwards as Virginia, Rafael Quintas as Daniel, Jessica Emmanuel as Mother, David Guerra as Father, Nicole Flores as Esmeralda, Himerria Wortham as Grandmother and Irene, Myles Lavallee as Vicente, Jaeme Velez as Adriano and Maureen Asic as Marie Clara.

Partly inspired by Clarice Lispector's novel "The Chandelier," this performance was made in partnership with the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Discover how Heidi Duckler Dance created its first ever Zoom-specific performance below:

About Heidi Duckler Dance
Heidi Duckler Dance creates place-based performances that transform non-traditional spaces, providing learning opportunities and engaging diverse communities, in the belief that the arts can change our vision of the world and of ourselves.


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