Learn Puppetry with Bob Baker Marionette Theater's "Adventures of Bobo"

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In conjunction with LAUSD's Summer of Learning, The Adventures of Bobo is a six-part series that provides viewers of all ages with an introduction to puppetry and puppet making.

Title: The Adventures of Bobo: Anything can be a Puppet (Parts 1-6)
Presented by: Bob Baker Marionette Theater
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Hosted by: Miss Missy and Bobo
Design and Build by: Ayrin Gharibpour

Bobo has just picked up his very first puppet. In doing so, he has opened a magical portal to puppetry! Join Bobo and his guide, Miss Missy, as they explore puppets old and new, big and small, in their six part series looking at different types of puppetry, how they come to life, and how to make them!

About Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Bob Baker Marionette Theater provides unique theatrical experiences; to educate, to celebrate, to rejuvinate puppetry and the allied arts.


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