Making Friends in Quarantine with Artist Sean Duffy

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In the Studio is an OCMA video series that reveals the ways artists are staying creative during quarantine.

Title: In the Studio with Sean Duffy
Presented by: OCMA
Originally Posted: May 6, 2020

About OCMA
The Orange County Museum of Art enriches the lives of a diverse and changing community through modern and contemporary art.

About the Artist
Born in San Diego County and raised in the dusty, rocky hills of its most Southeastern edge, Sean Duffy was raised by Labrador retrievers and teenage girls..  He spent his days listening to overlapping radio stations and repairing his second-hand dirt bikes while trying to be new wave. In 1988 he graduated from UC San Diego with BAs in Visual Art and Political Science, and in 1992 received an MFA from UC Irvine. He currently lives and works in a Southern California suburb, reminiscent of the setting of an early Spielberg movie, with his adoring wife and two wonderful boys.


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