Spoken Word Poetry and Dance Performance Honors Ahmaud Arbery

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Named after Ahmaud Arbery, who was persecuted by several white men while jogging, "Until We Win - Run with Ahmaud" is an artists' response to the injustices faced by Black people who are brutalized for existing. It is a song for solidarity and a poem to remember #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor #GeorgeFloyd #SeanReed #NinaPop and more so that we never forget. 

Title: Until We Win - Run with Ahmaud
Created By: Jose Cano of Las Cafeteras in collaboration with Jasmine Stanley, Ana Maria Alvarez, and Jannet Galdamez of CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater
Featuring: Cecilia Cano, Jasmine Stanley, Ana María Alvarez, Jannet Galdamez, Ruby Morales and Alan Perez (of CONTRA-TIEMPO)
Additional Guests: Las Cafeteras, Conjunto Bruja, Sonny Singh, Acro the Artist, Luca Alvarez-Lowe and Samad Raheem Guerra
Directed By: Luis Horacio Pineda
Music By: Canosonico with guest Eddie Valenzuela
Originally Presented: May 30, 2020

About Las Cafeteras
Born and raised east of the Los Angeles river, Las Cafeteras are remixing roots music and telling modern day stories. Las Cafeteras create a vibrant musical fusion with a unique East L.A. sound and positive message.

CONTRA-TIEMPO is a bold, multilingual Los Angeles-based dance company creating physically intense and politically astute performance work that moves audiences to imagine what is possible.


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