Supporting Black Lives with a Pip Cowley Dance Performance Featuring Big Mijo

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Aussie filmmaker Pip Cowley rounded up a powerful cast of dancers for a performance of "Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)" by Gil Scott-Heron in support of Black Lives Matter.

Title: Hold On
Music: "Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)" by Gil Scott-Heron
Greg 6adnewz Aldana 
Hob Dot 
Jo'Artis "Big Mijo" Ratti 
Rameer Colon 
Sam Donohue 
Sasha Mallory 
Director: Pip Cowley 
Producer: Brecht Vanthof 
Cinematographers: Taylor Harris and Jay Gunning
Editor: Jacques Del Conte 
Color: Jamie O’Bradovich 
Production Assistant: Emily Blumberg 
Special Thanks: Ann Skalski, Amanda Perlstein, Britton Shaw 
Originally Presented: June 24, 2020

About the Work
This performance was done in support for Black Lives Matter. Any incidental proceeds from it will be donates to organizations attached to the BLM movement.


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