The Sound We See: A Collaborative Look at Life in Lockdown

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What if you could see an hour of your day in a minute? Members of the Echo Park Film Center present "The Sound We See: Covid Quarantine" to present a glimpse of life during quarantine.

Title:  "The Sound We See: Covid Quarantine"
Eve LaFountain and Jon Almaraz
Alejandra Eliza
Beaux Mingus
Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr
Monica Chavez
Emett Casey
Brenda Contreras
Karissa Hahn and Andrew Kim
Gina Marie Napolitan
Sharmaine Starks
Danny G
Kate Lain
Paolo and Will O'Loughlen
Nerve Macaspac
Nicole Ucedo
Gemma Jimenez G and Matthew Anguiano
Dicky Bahto and Patrick Londen
Jade Faith
Penelope Uribe-Abee, Bailey Moses and Lake
Ellie Parker
Chloe Reyes and Ben Neufeld
Miko Revereza
Maya Abee
Cosmo Segurson
Titles and Credits: Andrew Kim
Title Music: Jon Almaraz
Credits Music: Tern Ternity
Originally Published: May 1, 2020

About the Echo Park Film Center
Echo Park Film Center is a nonprofit media arts organization committed to providing equal and affordable community access to film/video resources.

About the Series
The Sound We See is part of an ongoing international "City Symphony" series in which collaborators represent an hour of the day in a one-minute film.


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