Mpho, Hasan, and Aditi in Los Angeles

Stand Up Planet

This is the first part of the "Stand Up Planet" experience. To get showtimes for part two, click here.

In some corners of the planet, life is no laughing matter. But a new wave of international stand-up comedians suggests that laughing matters more now than ever. "Stand Up Planet" harnesses the universal power of comedy to change the conversation about global poverty. At the center of "Stand Up Planet" is a U.S.-based host -- Hasan Minhaj, a stand-up comic on a quest to find the best comedians from the developing world.


Starting with his own personal story, Hasan embarks on an epic journey to discover some of the funniest stand-up comics in the most unlikely places: the bustling city of Mumbai, India, and the neighborhoods of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Read more about the series here.Visit the "Stand Up Planet" official website here.

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