Pucker Up

In this episode of "tasteMAKERS," come along with host Cat Neville to meet Alden and Val Bing. This couple is crafting sour beers that celebrate Indian River County's farming history and make the most out of Florida's humidity by pulling water for their beers from the air using condensing units.

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In The Wild

From his home base on Broken Arrow Ranch in Ingram, Texas, Chris Hughes travels across the state, harvesting game on Texas ranches in a humane, sustainable way. Those animals are processed on site using a mobile processing unit that was pioneered by his father. Strap yourself in. In this episode of "tasteMAKERS," you're on the hunt with host Cat Neville.

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Soy to the World

In this episode of "tasteMAKERS," host Cat Neville heads to Chicago to meet Jenny Yang, the woman behind Phoenix Bean Tofu. While the country's third largest city may seem disconnected from Illinois, a highly agrarian state, it's not. In fact, Illinois produces the highest volume of soybeans of any state and some of those beans make it to Phoenix Bean, whose tofu you'll see on the menus of some of the city's best restaurants.

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In this episode of "tasteMAKERS," host Cat Neville heads to Louisvillle, Kentucky to meet Tom Edwards of Louismill and MozzaPi. He works directly with grain farmers to source wheat, rye and corn and that he stone grinds into flour and grits, some of which he bakes into breads and tosses into pizzas that are baked in his wood-fired oven.

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