Chef Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria | Courtesy of Life &Thyme

Alfredo Gurrola, The Man Behind the Delicious Seafood Plates at L.A.'s Premier Restaurants

Behind each dish is a story, and behind the kitchen doors, there’s an immigrant’s journey to be chronicled as well. The secret behind the delicious seafood plates at Providence, one of Los Angeles’ most highly revered restaurants, is fish purveyor, Alfredo Gurrola, from Luxe Seafood Co.

Originally from Zacatecas, Mexico – geographically central without easy access to the coast – Alfredo didn’t grow up knowing much about seafood. After moving to Los Angeles, he began working as a driver in the fish industry at the age of 19. As he moved up the ranks, he chose to learn Japanese.

“I saw the passion they put into their fish. I wanted to understand. I wanted to know why,” says Alfredo.

An intermediary of sorts between the sellers and the chefs, Alfredo is able to communicate the value of the fish he supplies to some of Los Angeles’ finest restaurants such as Providence, Cape Seafood & Provisions and Sushi Gen.

“He goes and visits the places he buys the fish from. He knows how it’s harvested, how they ship it… And that’s what makes for great, wild fish," says Michael Cimarusti, executive chef and co-owner of Providence.

It is those details that make Alfredo “one of the best in his trade,” Cimarusti says.  It is also those details that impact Alfredo’s purchasing decisions and the seafood that lands on the plates at some of Los Angeles’ most highly sought after dining experiences.


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