Ukoy: A Filipino Fritter Side Dish

Ep. 2, Barkada: L.A.’s Exploding Filipino Food Movement

Chef Alvin Cailan is owner of the popular eateries Eggslut and Unit 120. His dishes have been known to visually excite and satisfy customers, so this recipe will not disappoint. You can see chef Alvin Cailan in action by watching Episode 2 of The Migrant Kitchen.

Ukoy is a traditional side dish in my province, Cavite, in the Philippines. It’s eaten as a snack — kind of like egg rolls. I love dipping ukoy in vinegar spiced with mashed up chiles and garlic. When frying, it’s vital not to fidget with it; it takes patience to get it perfectly crispy and golden brown. Ukoy is best eaten hot, but is also delicious the next day, re-fried and topped with an egg.



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