the wrong mans

The Wrong Mans

In this action-packed comedy from Bafta and Tony award-winning actor and writer James Corden, lowly council employee Sam Pinkett is the sole witness to a shocking car accident. Answering a ringing mobile phone which he finds at the crash site, he suddenly finds himself mixed up in a deadly kidnap plot.

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Wise Mans

Busted out of prison and soaring away from Texas, Sam and Phil's spirits are momentarily lifted, until another case of mistaken identity finds them risking their lives again. Their only hope is to play their part in a high-stakes heist with a ruthless gang of mercenaries. If they can survive intact, they still need to find a way home in time for Christmas. They have to foil their amassing enemies if they are ever to stand a chance of returning to normality.

  • 2018-09-27T17:00:00-07:00