Detective Valeria Ferro in "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

Episode Five

On a dreary, rainy day, Graziano Torri calls the police; his wife, Alessandra, who has just told him that she is pregnant, is missing. When Valeria arrives at the woman's home, she finds a mysterious and recently dug hole.

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Episode Nine

A young Egyptian woman, Amina Mansour, is found dying in the hammam where she works, having been attacked with a knife. Valeria wonders how Amina's family will react to her dressing in western clothes and having an Italian boyfriend.

  • 2019-12-10T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2019-12-10T18:00:00-08:00

Episode Ten

Just when peace seems to have been restored to the Ferro household, Monica, Lucia's former cellmate, pays a visit to the house and upsets the harmony that mother and daughter were slowly trying to reestablish.

  • 2019-12-17T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2019-12-17T18:00:00-08:00

Episode Eleven

Arianna Lancise finds her 4-year-old daughter dead in the car, where she had left her for several minutes. The lack of clues leads the police and public opinion to blame Arianna, but Valeria is convinced that she is completely innocent.

  • 2019-12-31T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2019-12-31T18:00:00-08:00

Episode Twelve

While Valeria attempts to prove Arianna's innocence, Monica confesses that Lucia has always been innocent as well - she wasn't the one who killed her husband, Valeria's father, Mario. But who did?

  • 2020-01-07T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2020-01-07T18:00:00-08:00