Town Hall LA Interviews Ford V.P. of Research and Advanced Engineering Dr. Ken Washington Live on Facebook

Dr. Ken Washington
Dr. Ken Washington, Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

Dr. Ken Washington of Ford Motor Company will join KCET's Val Zavala in discussion live at KCET studios on Monday, October 3 at 12:00 P.M. Pacific Time. Follow KCET on Facebook to watch the live stream and ask your questions about self-driving cars and innovation in the automotive industry.

About Dr. Ken Washington

Ford Motor Company has a history of groundbreaking innovation, from its moving assembly line and the Model T to the 1940s concept car whose plastic panels were made partially from soybean fiber. The auto manufacturer is again pushing the technological envelope by announcing plans to begin mass-producing by 2021 the next vehicle of the future: a fully autonomous, self-driving car. What do driverless vehicles mean for Angelenos who live in the country’s worst city for traffic congestion? How could autonomous vehicles affect ride-sharing services and commercial-fleet operators? What navigational, safety and regulatory measures need to be addressed before the technology can be used throughout the region’s complex street and freeway system? How will technology – and competition – continue driving the evolution of carmakers into “mobility companies?”

Dr. Ken Washington, who leads Ford’s worldwide research organization and oversees implementation of the company’s technology strategy and plans, will share his forecast for where automotive design and technology may take us next.

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