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Barbara Boxer: Learning to Have Thick Skin

Barbara Boxer: There's nothing like it when you get to a place like I got to where you're one of 100 people in the country, and all you need is 51 to make good things happen, and I was able to write highway bills that put people to work and pass these environmental bills and sometimes fail. And you know push for immigration bills even though we didn't always win. Pass legislation, pushing for women's equality. This is an amazing thing, being able to speak out against a war, have a platform for anything you want. It's worth it. Learning to have that thick skin. One thing you need around you is people who love you, and I'm so lucky I have my husband, my family, my friends who regardless if I was down or up in the polls they always were by my side. And I also needed a sense of humor. So if you got the love, you got the sense of humor, get with it. We need you out there.

Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer on learning to have thick skin to make things happen in the Senate and the importance of a support system. 

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