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Barbara Boxer: Meeting Barack Obama for the First Time

Barbara Boxer: Oh Gosh, my colleague Dick Durbin came up to me in the Senate one day. Dick and I had served together and are very dear friends; our families are very good friends. He said, "Barbara" he said, there's a guy running for the senate in out of Chicago and you will love him. He's this; he's that. He's done this; he's done that. I said what's his name? Great, he says, his name is Barack Obama. I said you're kidding, that's his name? How can he win, everyone knows Osama and if you remember it was right close to 9/11. And I said there's no way. He said, "You just don't know, he's this, he's that and the other." I said well good luck. I said good luck, it's not going happen. Then he gets the Senate and he serves with me on two committees and I'm watching him and I went over to Dick and I said, you know what I was so wrong, but so were you. He said, "what do you mean." I said he's way better than you said. I mean I spotted it, he just got it. He could walk in everybody's shoes that man. He's an old soul in more ways than one. I can't describe it, he's the hippest person. He just knows so much history and knows so much, and I miss him so much from the Oval Office, I can't even put it under words. 

Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer remembers the first time she heard Barack Obama’s name and the lasting impression the former president made. 

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