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Jeanie Buss: On Being a Powerful Woman in Men's Pro Basketball

Jeanie Buss: It's such a competitive business that people are always looking for an edge. They are always looking for some way to get an advantage over you and I've talked about this before where if they think that you think being a woman is a shortcoming then they'll use that to their advantage, but I can tell you that gender doesn't hold you back in business. You have to be good at what you do; you have to be thoughtful, you have to do the work and gender will not hold you back.

Val Zavala: But have you been in meetings where you've looked all around the table and it's been all men and just you?

Jeanie Buss: Absolutely. It is intimidating at times but you know over the years you get used to it and certainly, there's never a line in the ladies restroom when we are at our board of governor's meetings. But there's one particular story where I was in a conference room and it was a pretty heated meeting and I was the only female in the room sitting at the table and the person who was speaking used some four-lettered word, some foul language and stopped and turned to me and said, "excuse me" as if because I'm a woman I have to be treated differently. Therefore, he's trying to drive attention into the fact I don't fit into the room because it has to stop everything so he can apologize, I think you should apologize to everyone in the room for the language you're using. So you know I have had those instances but I think if they thought that graduating from USC or growing up in Southern California was a detriment or a shortcoming they would use that against me as well. But being a woman we belong in this business and there is nothing weak about being a woman.

As owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss is one of the most powerful women in sports. Jeanie talks about being a woman and succeeding in the business world.

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