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Jeanie Buss: The Takeover of the Los Angeles Lakers

Jeanie Buss: The way my father set it up was he wanted my brother to oversee the basketball and me to run the business side. But ultimately, he wanted the team to be run the way he had them; he had set it up. The Lakers are a franchise that people know what you stand for; they know what you’re looking for to do. And for, you know, three or four years it just seemed the team was lost in terms of what we were trying to build. And so a decision had to be made that was tough for me, which was to remove my brother from overseeing the basketball. We didn't see eye-to-eye on how things were going and it was time to make a change and that's why we got to the point that we did.

 Val Zavala: And you made a tough decision; it was not easy I'm sure to fire your brother.

Jeanie Buss: And I think the first, from one of the first comments I made, was that I apologized to Laker fans that perhaps I waited too long to make that change. I really wanted things to work out the way Dr. Buss, my father, had set them up, but I couldn’t see how things were going, getting better, it just seemed to be getting worse.

Jeanie Buss, owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, explains why she took over the family business and removed her brother, Jim Buss, from overseeing the team's basketball operations.

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