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Jeanie Buss: The Team’s Future

Jeanie Buss: The future of the team what I'll like to see is, you know, as we, you know, now we have an identity of the type of the basketball that we want to play. The Coach Luke Walton wants to see which is connective team work kind of basketball, he could explain it better than I can, but you know, just watching our front office, which would be Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, our general manager, put together the pieces that fit into what coach Walton wants to do and all three of them are on the same page. They speak the same language and I want to see what those possibilities are. So, I'm excited about watching the vision that Magic has for this team finally come together and take place for me personally, I'm just excited to be part of the Laker franchise, what this team means to the community. There hasn't been a lot of pride the last few years because we haven’t won a lot of games. I'd like to see us win games and, you know, energize the fan base again, but I have to say our fan base is really smart when it comes to basketball, they know that you can’t win every year, they're patient with the rebuilding, they like watching players develop. What they like to see is that there's a continuity in thought, that every step compliments the one before it and that you're going on a path that’s coherent. And I think that they have that now and I can tell because our renewal rate of our season seat was over 95% this year so our fans are sticking with us. They believe in what we're putting together and I couldn't be more grateful for a fan base like that.

Jeanie Buss, owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, discusses how President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson, Coach Luke Walton, and General Manager Rob Pelinka can bring the team to success. 

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