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John Ridley: Refraining from Social Media

John Ridley: I see the value of social media actually more from a business aspect; you know people who need to brand, people who need to create awareness or maintain awareness, but the social aspect to me there are elements where I can see the decay of the empathetic response, the anonymity that it affords, where one doesn’t, look, there's still a difference between writing an angry letter the Los Angeles Times where one still has to sit down and compose and address an envelope and put on a stamp and send it off to an editor who may look at it and still, "I get what you're saying and this is your most cogent point, and there were a couple of typos here, we're going to clean that up a little bit and we're going to put it on the page and we are going to run a select few." The difference between that and again as I said earlier people just slapping a hashtag on something and believing it's deep thought, or inserting themselves into a conversation that's happening over there where they don’t really have even a passing knowledge of it, and you see so many times where people have to go on and apologize for what they said. I do believe that it's creating a space where it exacerbates issues that we already have, I don't believe social media is the problem, but when you look at the rise of bullying and hate speech, intolerance in these spaces, I don’t think there's an accident. So I think it's terrific for grandparents who want to be able to keep up with their grandkids, I think it's terrific for people who want to reconnect with folks that they maybe went to high school with, but I think the consistent pattern of what we see happening in what is called the social space, but I think lacks a lot of civility, you know I don't choose at the end of the day to be part of that.

John Ridley, Oscar Winning Filmmaker, shares his feelings about social media. He explains its benefits but discusses the decay of empathetic response that it creates. 

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