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Kevin Demoff: Bringing a 300-Acre Development to L.A.

Kevin Demoff: The stadium is going to be 700,240 seats as of today. And standing room only for another 20-25 thousand for large events in the end zones. Then you get to the stadium will be just under 3.1 million square feet, so the largest stadium complex in the world when you look at that. And it's part of a 300-acre development that includes a 60,000 seat theater attached to the stadium. You have close to a million square feet of retail at the corner of Century and Prairie, entitlements for close to a million square feet of office space, A 300-room hotel, 25 acres of parks, an open space and 1,500 homes and you know, over eight and a half 

Val Zavala: Homes are going to be there? Single like family homes or condos?

Kevin Demoff: Single family homes will be coming on the project in the second phase, and within entitlements of eight and a half million square feet of development, this is a massive project. And the stadium is a key piece of what we’re doing, but it's designed to be you know overall integrated into the landscape you know where truly great sports and entertainment district which is the way people consume large events these days.

Val Zavala: That's interesting; it's a city within a city? So how porous will those boundaries be? Will the old Inglewood, the existing Inglewood be able to benefit from this new city within a city?

Kevin Demoff: That's absolutely the goal, and I think you start with when we talk about the 25 acres of parks and lakes, at the center of our development is a lake feature in front of the stadium and when you see that one of the reasons we built it that way was that the old race track in Hollywood Park, the lake used to be the community center for Inglewood. It was where they gathered for picnics and festivals, and we wanted to make sure that we went through this process that we replicated that exact feature. So, that once again these parks, these lakes could be an epicenter for Inglewood to gather as a community and as a whole. And we envision holding graduations in the theatre, in the stadium and having the building open for events for the city of Inglewood and really becoming you know, a heart culturally and a destination for all of Inglewood. And I think when you look at the rebirth of Inglewood under Mayor Butts with the transformation of the forum you know just to the North of us and the metro stop coming in 2019 on the Crenshaw line and really the redevelopment of the entire city. This is just one more piece of, a very big piece of I think the improvement plan for the city of Inglewood.

Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the L.A. Rams, discusses how the Ram’s new state of the art stadium will be part of a 300-acre development that will be accessible to the Inglewood community. 

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