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Kevin Demoff: Creating a Major Event Center

Kevin Demoff: The business plan, you can't bank on football. It were the driver and with us playing ten games and owning the stadium, the Chargers will also there and play ten games. Hopefully the two of us can also get in the playoffs so maybe get to 22 or 23 games. But obviously, you're going to have a number of large concerts and other events that will be held in the stadium. Ideally, the stadium will get to 35 to 40 major events, you know during the year. You have the performance venue, which you hope can have another fifty to sixty events. A lot of it is, the stadium is not the sole driver of the business plan. It's the key piece and probably the most expensive piece, but you have this entire community, village, a city within a city and getting people there on a daily basis to shop, to dine, to eat, to live. The way I think people now live and thrive in cities and I think if you look at L.A. Live as a great example of how live sports entertainment can transform an area. I remember when L.A. Live was just parking lots and even when Staples Center came and they were still parking lots and now it's this transformative business district and when you look at our property which is somewhere between eight to ten times the size of L.A. Live on the whole. Larger than Disneyland, you get a sense of it's about populating that entire campus each day and making sure that it's really a hub of people coming together on a daily basis and so I think that's when you look at it. It's not just about the stadium because I don't know that you would build a stadium for ten events a year the same way you said you wouldn’t build a house for that, but once you get to 20 NFL games and ideally 20 other events, now you talk about the entertainment venue, you're hopefully one of every two, three nights a year there's an event, now you're looking at a major event center once again.

Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the L.A. Rams, explains how the new Ram’s stadium is not the sole driver of the business plan. He hopes that the new sports and entertainment complex will be a place where Angelenos will not only attend sporting events, but also shop, dine and live. 

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