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Kevin Demoff: How Technology will Enhance Sport Watching

Kevin Demoff: I think when you're a fan you’re going to get a sense of technology and fan experience and comfort that you've never seen before, and not just for the premium seats, really for any seat within the building and it starts with, you know. Our goal is to make the project entirely ticketless, so you'll be able to use your phone, you know to get into entry, to pay, you'll be able to walk through without cash, without a ticket, you'll just take your phone in and be able to buy food and drinks, to use that as your ticket to use it to park. And then I think what also comes along we'll have a center hung double oculus, it's what we call it, video board, which will be the largest in the world; 66-thousand square feet, two sided, so you'll be able to watch video in the middle of the buildings. So, our goals on one side you'll be able to watch all the normal content that you get at a game; replays, statistics, on the other side you'll be able to watch the out of town games. So if you're an NFL fan and you come to our stadium, you won’t miss a single a down of action in anywhere in the NFL for the three hours that you're in.

Val Zavala: So you're watching one game and you can also watch other games?

Kevin Demoff: That's our goal to be able to watch the game on the field and watch all the other games for those who love fantasy football, and as we talked about, this is a transplant city so if you're a fan of the Chiefs, or the Raiders, you know hopefully not of the 49'ers you could watch that game at the same time you know when you come. So I think that part of the fan experience, being able to shop, dine, eat before or after the game, take Metro, to come to the game and make it easy. You know, and things we're looking how do you incorporate driverless cars into a planning facility if you're going to open a stadium in in 2020, how do you look at ridesharing, or you know self-automation. Those are all the things we're looking at from a technology perspective in this stadium. When we walk in and we want people to think it's the most unbelievable view and experience and a great sociable experience as well, and I think the one thing you mentioned earlier we talked about making stadiums too big, modern stadiums are great from a fan experience and comfort perspective, but we also want it to be a great fan experience; loud, home field advantage that some of these buildings may not have captured.

Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the L.A. Rams, explains how technology and going paperless will revolutionize experiences at the stadium. 

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