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Upfront S1 E9: Tackling Climate Change: Where do we Begin?

Tackling Climate Change: Where Do We Begin?

The planet is facing a crisis. Temperatures continue to rise, bringing extreme weather, exacerbating food shortages, and leading to the extinction of some species. Scientists have repeatedly warned that the impacts of climate change are becoming irreversible.

What will it take for politicians and the public to tackle climate change and implement policies that bring actual change? And what role does the world economic structure play in perpetuating the crisis?

In this week's episode, we debate on the best strategy against climate change and highlight the role capitalism has played in the crisis.

In the Reality Check segment, we shed light on the United States's military operations in Africa.

In a special interview, we speak with Bangladeshi photojournalist and human rights activist Shahidul Alam about the government allegations against him and why Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina views him as a threat.

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