Abalone Farm

Huell travels to the Central Coast to visit an abalone farm. For years, Californians could pluck these mollusks off the rocks at low tide. However, overfishing and pollution has led to their decline. The Abalone Farm Inc. in Cayucos has been growing and selling the edible sea snails since 1968. Huell also goes to a local cafe to sample some farm-raised abalone.

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Huell visits a California institution and digs into some tasty food at Tallyrand Restaurant. This popular eatery got its start in 1959 when Al and Delores Thomas opened a small coffee shop on Olive Avenue in Burbank with just $5,000 in hand. Stop in today as they are still serving wonderful food and hospitality.

  • 2016-10-20T12:00:00-07:00