Hot Peppers

Photo courtesy of Amparo Rios

Huell's hot adventure begins in downtown Los Angeles' Grand Central Market, where we discover some of the spiciest peppers and chili sauces around. But you won't find anything hotter than Moe Newaz's backyard variety of ghost peppers and devil's tongue peppers in Santa Clarita. We also learn about the Scoville Heat Scale, developed in 1912 by chemist Wilbur Scoville, which has become the standard for measuring spicy food.

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Huell visits a California institution and digs into some tasty food at Tallyrand Restaurant. This popular eatery got its start in 1959 when Al and Delores Thomas opened a small coffee shop on Olive Avenue in Burbank with just $5,000 in hand. Stop in today as they are still serving wonderful food and hospitality.

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