wild africa antelope

Africa is the mother continent, the core from which all the other continents were torn away 100 million years ago. Since then, three factors have had profound consequences on its wildlife. This mighty block of land has stayed in much the same place - it stands alone and it straddles the equator. It has also been protected from crippling ice ages and destructive invasions as well as nurtured by gentle changes in climate and geology. As a result, animals and plants have flourished here more successfully than on any other continent. This is Africa - rich, diverse, fascinating, and the heart of the world. Time is the key to our series. Influenced by climate and geology, time has allowed Africa to accumulate the breathtaking variety of wildlife we see today.

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Africa's coasts were formed by the break-up of Gondwanaland 100 million years ago. They define the familiar shape of this special continent, and touch on deserts, mountains, forests, wetlands and savannahs. This episode takes us back in time to witness the birth of Africa and also carries us on a spectacular journey around the edge of the continent.

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In terms of age, savannah is Africa's teenage world. The newest and the most dynamic of all the environments, savannah snakes its way across the continent hemmed in between forests and deserts. A mixture of open woodlands and vast grassy plains, savannah is home to a wonderful variety of big cats as well as the greatest herds on earth today.

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