Mysterious Drink

The Bishop wants to hold a music competition between the cities of Linz and Salzburg. To prevent another brilliant success by Amadeus, Devilius obtains a strong sleeping potion, which should knock out Amadeus at the appropriate time. Devilius will then appear as the "black violinist" and claim victory for himself. To make matters worse, Amadeus' father, Leopold, took Amadeus' violin to a pawnbroker because he desperately needs money. Can Amadeus shine without his violin? Will the sleeping potion work? Or, will Devilius once again leave the concert hall as the loser? The Music: "Divertimento in B Major" K. 137; "Violin Sonata in A" K. 305; "12 Variations for Violin and Piano in G" K. 359; et al. Additional Content: This episode describes the different violins of the world-renowned violin maker Stradivari, including an old and expensive Stradivarius, and explains how instruments differ from each other by listening to diverse violins.

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