The Bet

The Bishop would like to give Countess Kussmaul, a patron and great lover of Mozart's music, one of Amadeus' compositions as a birthday gift. Devilius bets the Bishop that Amadeus cannot deliver a piece in such a short time. Confident of Mozart's talent as a composer, the Bishop wagers half of his royal household. In an attempt to win the wager, Devilius and Monti the Rat devise a villainous plan. Will Mozart finish his composition on time or will the Bishop make Devilius a wealthy man? The Music: "Violin Sonata in F" K. 376; "Horn Concerto in E Flat Major" K. 417; "Minuet" K. 94; et al. Additional Content: In this episode, Amadeus attempts to write a new composition before nightfall. How do composers compose? Monti shows the moment when Amadeus turns his musical idea into the principal theme of his composition. On the basis of this simple musical piece for three instruments (piano, violin and cello), Monti explains how a composition is built, the notes of each instrument and the single melody. Finally, viewers see and hear the complete composition played by Amadeus, Nannerl and their father Leopold.

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