The Birdseller

Amadeus wants to buy a new canary from the bird seller to cheer up his heartbroken sister, Nannerl. Meanwhile, Devilius thinks a magnificent golden eagle will turn him into a genius composer. He steals the eagle while staging an incident that results in all of the birds escaping. Authorities wrongly blame Amadeus and his friend for the incident and throw them into the dungeon of the Bishop's palace. Can they prove their innocence before the eagle makes Devilius' dreams a reality? The Music: "Salzburg Symphony No. 1" K. 138; Papageno's Aria "Der Vogelfaenger bin ich ja" from "The Magic Flute" K. 620; "Symphony No. 25 in G Minor" ("Small Symphony in G Minor") K. 183; et al. Additional Content: In this episode, Amadeus' flute-playing' saves him and his friends from the dungeon. Kajetan carved the flute out of a piece of wood he carried in his pens. Monti easily carves a flute out of wood and other materials and shows viewers how it works.

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