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Small Bites

In Chengdu, a snack is called a small bite, or 'xiao chi'. But a 'xiao chi' is really a lot more than just a simple snack. It can be an appetizer, a street food, but it can also be a cleansing of the palate between courses, or when you assemble many on them on a table, they can make a fabulous banquet. On this show Martin takes small bites but tells a big story.

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Martin visits the adorable giant pandas at the Research compound in Chengdu and helps with the feeding. Fascinated by all the bamboo surrounding Martin attended a bamboo banquet at a bamboo-themed restaurant, where he learns how to harvest young bamboo. He follows the bamboo theme and visits with artists who use bamboo as an artistic medium.

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Tomorrow's Chengdu

Martin explores the new township of Tianfu, a model city in development that will be the model of future cities in China. As high tech industry is a main draw in Tianfu, Martin visits some of these new software developers, and a Mao Chai restaurant, the popular choice for lunch among many new tech workers. That evening Martin samples the molecular gastronomy of chef Huang atop a Chengdu high rise. He rides off in one of the city's popular 'shared' bikes.

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