Aging Hand, Young Hand

Caregiving from a Distance

Often caregivers are thrust into their new roles with no warning and no preparation. Actress Patricia Richardson tells her own story of what happened to her when she was faced with caring for her elderly parents in another state. As a long distance caregiver, she lists three valuable lessons she learned: educate yourself, find a patient advocacy group and join a support group.

Whether a family's seniors live a long distance away or close to home, being a caregiver is often demanding. Ms. Richardson brings up how important it is for the caregiver to take care of themselves by taking a break, getting help and paying attention to their own needs. Thinking about the long term is something that she also strongly recommends. Ms. Richardson raises certain questions that every caregiver should ask regarding after death and the grieving process. In telling this compelling personal experience, Ms. Richardson provides some very helpful suggestions that will educate caregivers in how to take good care of their loved ones... and themselves.

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