Aging Hand, Young Hand
Home Safety Tour

Home Safety Tour

Most seniors want to stay in their own home for as long as possible but the mobility of an aging family member has some unique needs. Gerontologist Mary Winners talks with Jaime and Edmund Urquiza, whose mother, Marta, has Parkinson's disease and has fallen several times. Ms. Winners does a "walk through" of her home pointing out ways to "seniorize" her home so Mrs. Urquiza can minimize the risk of accidents. Installing grab bars in key places, a shower chair, floor lighting and other simple modifications to her home will make it more comfortable and safer for Mrs. Urquiza to remain in her home.

Ms. Winners suggests that one of her sons accompany their mother when she sees her doctor. Acting as an advocate for their mother, Edmund can suggest physical therapy to help Mrs. Urquiza maintain her balance and review any additional care his mother might need with the doctor. Using these easy and effective measures, Ms. Winners gives families, caring for their seniors, new ways to insure they can continue to live independently...and safely.

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