Aging Hand, Young Hand

How FTD Affects Families

As seniors age, there is always a concern for the onset of dementia, in any form. But the symptoms of Frontotemporal Dementia, FTD, can start when someone is in there 40's and 50's. Gerontologist Dr. Freddie Segal-Gidan describes the challenges of caring for a loved one with FTD. Family members, particularly long time spouses, coping with an FTD patient often feel they can handle it without outside help. But Dr. Freddie Segal-Gidan emphasizes that as the disease progresses, it becomes too difficult for a family member to meet the growing needs of someone with FTD. She recommends that for both the benefit of the families and the FTD patient it is critical to explore using an outside caregiver to assume primary care.