Hey Kids, Amazing Space Monkeys!/The Blorp

HEY KIDS, AMAZING SPACE MONKEYS! - Wizzy and Wigg send away for their very own LIVE SPACE MONKEYS. When they add the freeze-dried Space Monkey eggs to water they spring to life. But at night, the Space Monkeys sneak out of their tank, take apart Zula Patrol headquarters and everything in it, roll it all up into a giant mixture, and make off with it. The ZPers have to chase down the aqua-primates and get the mischievous pets to reassemble the pieces to restore HQ. THE BLORP - When Deliria gets her hands on some solid Smellanium and liquid Stenchide she ends up creating a monster concoction she calls "The Blorp." But before long, "The Blorp" takes off on a path of destruction. The Zula Patrol can't figure what the blobish thing is or how to stop it as it almost wipes out their Headquarters and the city of Zulopolis. Wizzy and Wigg finally realize they must separate the solutions that make "The Blorp" tick to stop it in its tracks.

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