Small Is Beautiful/Case of the Missing Rings

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL: During the Super Planet Competition, Truder shrinks all nine planets. When Multo tries to come to the rescue, he is accidentally shrunk as well. Truder places the shrunken planets (and the miniature Multo) into a sack and rockets away, threatening not to return them until he is proclaimed Ruler of the Universe. The Zula Patrol races after Truder, but before they can come to the rescue, Multo gets the competing planets to cooperate in a "sack break." Once out of the sack, Multo is able to return the planets (and himself) to normal size. Everyone learns that being small doesn't mean you can't do big things. CASE OF THE MISSING RINGS: In a spoof of crime dramas, the rings around the planets are stolen, one by one. As Bula narrates, film noir style, the Zula Patrol looks for clues, questions suspects and goes on a stakeout to find the thief. Thanks to their determination and persistence, they get their man.

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