The Probe Who Came to Dinner/Forget-Me-Naut

THE PROBE WHO CAME TO DINNER: When Multo discovers a far away planet, he sends a probe, Spaceus Exploreus, to safely investigate it and send back information. Much to the Zulean's surprise, at the same time, a probe from that planet arrives to investigate them. After jumping to a few wrong conclusions, they learn that while there are differences, the quest for information, pizza and friendship is universal. FORGET-ME-NAUT: When a fall seems to have given Bula amnesia, it turns out that Dark Truder has secretly abducted Bula and replaced him with a robot, in hopes of getting rid of The Zula Patrol forever. But when the Bula-bot goes through Astronaut re-training at The Zula Academy, he becomes a "rock solid" member of the team and single-handedly foils Truder's latest plan to rule the universe.

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